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Design and analysis of Pan DRP system based on CRM

product sales is the core issue of enterprise survival and development. Distribution is the marketing mode adopted by most domestic enterprises integrating production, supply and marketing, resulting in a large demand for distribution resource planning system

drp (distribution requirement planning) refers to the distribution resource planning system. In a narrow sense, it refers to the management system that effectively monitors the sales, inventory, finance, etc. of non local distributors in the enterprise's distribution network; Generalized DRP system, namely pan DRP, further integrates OA (office automation), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), logistics management and other functions on the basis of narrow DRP

in recent years, many enterprises that have implemented CRM have put forward the requirements of collecting market information, sales information (daily sales), inventory information, logistics situation, etc. through CRM system, that is, they hope to develop CRM system and transition from operational type to analytical type. However, most CRM systems are incompetent, and these functions are mainly reflected in DRP system. Therefore, this kind of method will usher in a new era of flexible electronic technology. It is more important to effectively integrate CRM and DRP, or to carry out the integrated development of Pan DRP on the basis of CRM

2. System architecture and development tools

2.1 system structure

this system adopts b/s (browser/server) system structure. The system of b/s structure usually includes three layers: client (browser), middle server (web server and application server) and database server. The calculation and storage of data are handled by the server located in the enterprise information (Network) center. Whether employees of the company headquarters or distributors, they access the DRP system through the browser to obtain information or report data

this structure can achieve real distributed network computing, effectively reduce network traffic, reduce the burden on clients, and safely and conveniently interface with Internet. In addition, distributors and retailers are distributed all over the country and usually have mobile office demand. This structure can also provide WAP applications synchronously, allowing them to use CDMA 1 of China Unicom* Or China mobile GPRS and other effective services to realize the use of DRP with notebook computers

2.2 system development technology and tools

· using the ER database technology with low noise of SQL serv, it can realize the effective integration of DRP, CRM and OA data, and ensure the integrity and consistency of data

· developed by technology, it is a compiled programming framework launched by Microsoft. Its core is NGWS runtime. It has rich optional scripting languages and can perform many low-level operations without the help of other programming languages. Because it is run after compilation, the execution efficiency is high. It can effectively develop WAP applications and realize remote access to DRP system

· the development tools are the integrated development environment visual and the auxiliary development tool web matrix provided by Microsoft

3. System analysis and design

3.1 requirements overview

enterprises operating across regions implement the pan DRP system in order to effectively manage customers, orders, inventory and finance across regions. To achieve this goal, enterprises require the system to not only complete the management of high-level customer relations, but also have the function of remote management of orders, inventory, finance and other aspects. With the implementation of such a system, enterprises can remotely control the planning, inventory, capital, distribution, settlement, channel, promotion, customer and after-sales service of the distribution system, while reducing the cost of enterprise distribution management, accelerating market response, improving customer service level and enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises

3.2 distribution organization structure

at present, the distribution network of domestic enterprises can reach up to five levels, the top level is the marketing headquarters, the second level is the sales region, the third level is the local branches and offices, the fourth level is the local offices, agents and dealers, and the fifth level is the users or stores

3.3 DRP functional requirements

for the entire DRP system, the core part is in the headquarters, and important links such as system database management, system function module operation and data calculation are completed in the headquarters. For each distribution point, the system only needs to authorize its users, and then it can access the international Internet through the necessary terminal equipment (such as PC, laptop, PDA, etc.), and access the system at any place and at any time for business processing, information query and other operations

to sum up, the main functional requirements of DRP are as follows:

(1) DRP is integrated with CRM, OA and other enterprise application systems, and all functions are converted to the web platform

(2) provide synchronous WAP applications to meet the mobile office needs of distributors and retailers

(3) users can query and read all kinds of relevant information in different places, and can also fill in and report all kinds of data, documents and reports

(4) for the hierarchical management of dealers, distributors and retailers, the division and setting will be carried out according to the national unified administrative region classification standard, that is, set up system accounts according to provinces, cities, counties and towns

(5) the system shall meet other requirements such as sufficient sharing, reliability, security, friendliness and efficiency

3.4 system design

3.4.1 design idea

pan DRP is designed and developed based on the comprehensive "mobile office" and other business needs of enterprises. The design idea includes three levels:

application level: the development idea of borderless application based on role management

technical level: Based on the design idea of system structure and tool platform

network level: Based on VPN network security architecture, secure transmission of enterprise information flow is realized through interconnection, and the legitimacy of resource access is controlled

3.4.2 application architecture

front end: browser, also known as enterprise portal, can log in to the system in the form of browsing pages, which is not limited by specific terminal types

network transmission: build VPN network on the front-end and central server to ensure that the front-end data is safely transmitted to the server

middle tier: it is the level to realize specific application functions, including sales, procurement, warehouse management, remote approval/monitoring/decision-making, etc

background: it integrates other enterprise application systems such as supply chain management, financial management, human resource management, etc. from the beginning of the enterprise

3.4.3 DRP module design

drp system covers decision support, order management, expense management, market management, accounts receivable management, distribution logistics management, procurement management, warehouse management and other business management contents of enterprises. The main functional modules are as follows:

(1) channel management subsystem, including: "dealer management, distributor management, log" and other modules, and the regional management level is refined to counties, towns and villages

(2) promotion management subsystem, including: "cost management, promotion approval management, promotion expense reporting management" and other modules

(3) statistical analysis subsystem, including: "delivery, payment collection, inventory, accounts receivable, shelf life, return, promotion" and other modules

(4) dealer business subsystem, including "warehousing, outbound, dynamic inventory, order placing, accounts receivable, reconciliation, reply" and other modules

(5) personal office system, including "cost management, personal business, public information query, important event reminder" and other modules

(6) "mobile office" subsystem, including simple official documents, e-mail information, leader approval, expense balance browsing, application filling and submission, warehousing, outbound, inventory information, purchasing plan operation and other modules

4. Conclusion and application effect

for enterprises integrating production, supply and marketing, a comprehensive pan DRP system can achieve many management benefits for enterprises:

(1) therefore, the company's color matching service can be used to achieve business processing efficiency in color marketing that fully meets customer requirements, reduce staff work intensity, and improve the degree of information sharing

(2) timely grasp the inventory information on the distribution chain, reduce inventory backlog and waste, and reduce safety inventory and distribution costs

(3) timely transmit order and sales information, master customer needs, manage purchasing plans and resource allocation plans, and realize the driving of orders and customer needs to production

(4) strictly control sales expenses, reduce channel marketing expenses, and strengthen the control of corresponding accounts receivable

suppliers and dealers are organically linked through interconnection. Pan DRP provides a new model for business operation and cooperation with trading partners. Suppliers and dealers can submit orders, query product supply and inventory status, and obtain market sales information and customer support, which realizes end-to-end supply chain management between suppliers and dealers, and effectively shortens the supply and marketing chain. With the extension and convenience of the Internet, the new model makes the business process no longer limited by time, place and personnel, and the work efficiency and business scope of the enterprise have been effectively improved. (end)

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