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Description of concrete pump model selection method

at present, the selection of concrete pump model is generally based on the material diameter and construction speed of the construction party, which is the so-called eating and releasing according to the quantity, while the pumping construction of super high-rise buildings is generally realized by high-pressure pumping or one pump to the top

relay pumping is to transport the concrete to the hopper of another concrete pump placed at a certain height in advance through one concrete pump, and then send the concrete to the destination through the second delivery pump; The scheme is economical and reliable; Relatively speaking, the requirements for pumps are not too high. At the same time, after the completion of the project, these pumps can reach economically and press the "OK" key to be used in other pilot projects that generally carry out targeted poverty alleviation in non mining deep processing industry. Working under this condition will cause the compressor to destroy the project; The disadvantage is that the construction is cumbersome, and the first pump and the second pump should be coordinated during construction; The fixed place of the second pump should be specially treated, and the bearing capacity of the floor should be considered to meet the requirements. This pumping method was widely used in the early stage of the development of concrete pumping machinery. With the increasing maturity of concrete pumping machinery and related technologies, this scheme was gradually replaced by the one pump to the top scheme

one pump to the top is to use the ultra-high pressure concrete pump to directly transport the concrete to the destination; This scheme has the advantages of simple construction and low construction cost, but the pumping pressure of this scheme is too high, which is easy to cause leakage, resulting in concrete segregation, pipe plugging and many other problems, so it has high requirements for today's pumping equipment, concrete transmission pipeline and pumping construction technology with the introduction of new equipment; At the same time, after the completion of the project, the pump is not economical for other general projects

based on comprehensive consideration, the scheme of one pump to the top is selected in this case, that is, only one pump is used to pump the concrete to the destination. This scheme has high requirements for pumping equipment and is representative

the selection of ultra-high pressure concrete pump is generally based on the working conditions, the resistance of the pipeline is estimated, and the concrete pump model is preliminarily selected according to the calculated pressure value. Finally, according to the construction volume demand provided by the manufacturer, confirm whether the pumping pressure (which determines the pumping height) and theoretical volume (which determines the pumping time) meet the construction demand. If the requirements are met, the model is determined. If the requirements are not met, the model is re selected. Repeat until the selected model meets the requirements

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