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"World star" - packaging design award

"world star" Worldstar packaging design award is the highest award for excellent packaging design selected by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) worldwide. The award is selected once a year, and the winners are awarded trophies (cards) and certificates by WPO. The procedure is that the governing bodies of member countries (regions) recommend their own (regions) excellent packaging design works that have won awards, and the WPO Council will evaluate them. The works participating in the evaluation must be excellent commodity packages that have been put on the market and have been designed for no more than two years. "World star" Worldstar packaging design award sets up one or two "President awards" every year

the purpose of WPO holding the "world star" Worldstar selection activity is to publicize and guide the packaging design towards the direction of science and the times, and then develop directionally through calculation or table lookup. Based on such a concept, WPO decided to hold a Worldstar selection activity of "world star" every year to select excellent works that adapt to the trend of the times and represent the development direction of packaging design

"world star" Worldstar packaging design award is an excellent packaging design award covering sales packaging and transportation packaging. The selection criteria involve: the packaging has the function of protecting and preserving the contents; Easy to open and safe to use; Transmit the information of the contents and reflect the commodity attributes; Beautiful and exquisite; Save materials and reduce costs; Conducive to environmental protection; Reflect the structural innovation and material locality. The above standards are not independent, but a unity, representing the trend of packaging design in the world today

in order to encourage excellent packaging design works to participate in the selection, the World Packaging Organization decided that from 2000, from the selected "world star" works, after re selection, there will be one or two "Chairman awards to encourage the reuse and recycling of these products"

all award-winning works will be awarded trophies (medals) and certificates by the World Packaging Organization

China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute (CEPI) collects excellent packaging works nationwide every year to participate in the selection of "world star" Worldstar. Judging from the entries over the years. The level of packaging design in China is constantly improving. Chinese excellent works won the Worldstar packaging design award of "world star", which not only won honor for the country, but also created favorable conditions for Chinese goods to enter the international market

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