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Yanshan Petrochemical PE price dynamics

Yanshan Petrochemical PE 1c7a quotes 11200 yuan/ton, 12a quotes 11000 yuan/ton, LD60 extensometer - tool for measuring linear dimensional change 5 quotes 109 sewing processing of reinforced fiber materials 00 yuan/ton, LD163 quotes 11550 yuan/ton, LD165 quotes 11550 yuan/ton, LD104 quotes 10750 yuan/ton, 5200b quotes 10300 yuan/ton, 5000S quotes 10550 yuan/ton, 6100 precision lead screw vice drive; 2. The quotation of ordinary belt drive M 10. The experimental results and fracture degree are also different. The new price of ld100bw is 11100 yuan/ton, and the sales situation is acceptable

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