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Xintian technology and Schneider have reached a cooperative relationship on smart water business

Xintian Technology Co., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on smart water solutions business with Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. the two sides reached a consensus and decided to conduct strategic cooperation on products related to smart water solutions at the same time, so as to realize resource sharing between the two sides, Help each other to expand market share and create greater business value, and the cooperation period is 3 years

Schneider Electric, as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, has 35 years of successful management experience in the field of water management and has many mature intelligent water solutions. Among them, the countries developed by Schneider are vigorously promoting the development and transformation of plastic recycling granulator industry in recent years. The real-time hydraulic model system Aquis is the only scheduling management platform in the world that realizes seamless integration and two-way interoperability between SCADA and model; Another production and sales difference and leakage control management platform, WMS, can provide effective solutions for water companies to reduce leakage losses and fully expose their own interests and reduce operating costs

by establishing a strategic partnership, Xintian technology and Schneider will focus on the development trend of the smart water industry, cooperate in Aquis hydraulic model system, WMS production and sales difference and leakage management system, SCADA system, smart meter, remote transmission system, etc., open up information islands, realize data sharing, help water supply enterprises improve the introduction profit rate of Jinan gold testing material testing machine manufacturers, and make the management and control of water supply enterprises easier Smarter. Through resource sharing, data sharing and mutual cooperation, integrate multi-party resources to help both sides expand market share and create greater business value

specifically, it includes the joint business of both parties. For example, Xintian technology integrates Schneider's smart water software system into its smart

water software package for sales; Schneider gives Xintian technology the price of each series of software products as the preferential discount price for its core strategic partners; If Schneider sells smart water software systems, it will give priority to recommend hardware products of Xintian technology, such as smart meters, remote transmission systems, etc

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