Hottest World Futures plastic daily review 0218

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Tiandi Futures: plastic daily review 0218

Plastic daily Review

although crude oil continues to show a strong form of upward attack, Dalian plastic opened slightly lower and rose, and the futures price closed flat with the day before yesterday. It revised and improved the quality system documents such as the quality manual and the process description document before and after, and the futures price operates between the moving averages that are further closer, At present, the rise of engineering plastics, a typical representative of high molecular materials, has not brought obvious stimulation. The trading volume shrank significantly, and a small amount of bargain hunting increased the position. The overall direction is not clear

China Plastic City LLDPE opened slightly lower as a whole, and the price rebounded with shock driven by buying, and the decline gradually narrowed. The China Plastics price index fell 1.90 to 1259.11 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell below 0. This is an introduction to how to shake the universal testing machine 70 reported 1245.24. The atmosphere of the spot market today is general. There are many sources of goods in the North China market, and the downstream operation is poor. The quotation is that the homogeneous core material must reach the fire-resistant B1 level, which is slightly lower. The source of goods in the East/South China market is basically normal, and the quotation is mainly stable. The overall inquiry shows signs of increasing, but the actual transaction is poor. Most downstream factories can not start normal operation until after the Lantern Festival. The demand is still insufficient. Merchants are still testing the market trend, and it is difficult to make a big change in the transaction. The price is expected to fluctuate slightly

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