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The price of edible salt that has not increased for many years has increased since this month.

the price of edible salt with expanded graphite as the porous media material that has not increased for many years has increased since this month. It was learned from the Putian Price Bureau yesterday that according to the notice issued by the price department of Fujian Province, the retail price of small packages of natural salt will be appropriately adjusted from July 1, with an increase of 0.3 yuan per package

according to the notice of Fujian Provincial Price Bureau, from this month, the retail price of 400g iodized natural salt and 400g natural salt for hyperthyroidism patients will be adjusted from the current 1 yuan/bag to 1.3 yuan/bag; The difference between wholesale and retail sales of edible salt was adjusted from the current 14% to 16%. However, the retail price of 500g iodized sun salt remained unchanged at 0.9 yuan/bag

according to the introduction, Fujian Provincial Price Bureau has also stipulated the price subsidies for salt farms across the province: on the basis of the current exit price of sun salt, the subsidy for grade I sun salt is 205 yuan per ton, the subsidy for grade II sun salt is 185 yuan per ton, and the subsidy for fine sun salt is 235 yuan per ton. All price subsidies do not include value-added tax

according to the personnel of the commodity price service section of Putian Price Bureau, salt particles + thermosetting material prepolymer =3d "composite printing ink", the price of edible salt is adjusted to solve the operating difficulties of salt production enterprises and ensure the safe and stable supply of salt. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the basic salt price, combined with the actual production and operation of the salt industry, taking into account the development of the salt industry and the social affordability, the retail price of small packaged natural salt has been adjusted by using the price lever

yesterday, I visited the major supermarkets in Putian, and saw that the iodized natural salt and hyperthyroidism salt sold in the supermarkets have adjusted the retail price to break through the low-temperature CO sintering technology, from 1 yuan/bag to 1.3 yuan/bag. Most people in Putian did not know about the salt price adjustment. A rise of 30 cents doesn't tell how much it's expensive. You can't eat many bags a year. City 9, thermal insulation materials and building energy saving Ms. min Lin said. However, some citizens said that when the price of 400 grams of salt rose, they chose to buy 500 grams of sun salt

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