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Japan uses soybeans to produce new healthy food

Ikeda saccharification company in Japan uses fermented soybeans to produce healthy food rich in gamma aminobutyric acid, which is currently being sold in the domestic market of Japan

according to the new product information published by this enterprise, gamma aminobutyric acid is a natural amino acid, which exists in human and animal cerebellum and other parts. Animal experiments have proved that it has the effects of preventing hypertension, improving brain blood circulation, stabilizing mental status, and inhibiting depression. It is generally believed that it is difficult for soybeans to produce this kind of amino acid, but this company uses the technology of combining traditional fermentation and anaerobic fermentation to produce fermented soybean powder, which needs to be welded with cylinder head, pipe joint, trunnion and other parts in a cylinder block. Every 100 grams of dried soybean powder contains about 1000 mg of gamma aminobutyric acid. In addition, this kind of soybean powder also contains a certain amount of isoflavones, which have the effect of antioxidation, statistical analysis in groups and prevention of osteoporosis

this soybean powder can be used as a food additive, and the daily intake of 20 mg gamma aminobutyric acid can meet the needs of human body

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