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The "new hardware" made in China has become a blockbuster in the market, with excellent functions. It is especially easy to use

detachable disassembly, portable saw chain, which can be used and installed at any time. It is not limited by the scene. It is simple and convenient to change the chain saw into an angle grinder

this set of special screwdriver sets for maintenance contains more than 50 screwdriver heads of various specifications, computers, glasses, cameras, and even electric fans that repeatedly play the value of plastics. Once the growth rate of China's tire industry slows down, they can't put it down

without air pump, small and light, strong strength, made of high-quality steel, high hardness gun body, durable, adjustable strength, easy to help you work easily

the mini compact shape design is very flexible to use, and the red light is very thin, especially clear, which is not only accurate, but also more labor-saving, so that your decoration wiring efficiency can be improved several times

it can automatically broadcast data by voice, and has a variety of measurement modes, which is suitable for more venues. It is earthquake resistant and fall proof, efficient, labor-saving and time-saving

this two speed electric hand drill is also a very good electric screwdriver. It can screw the screws quickly and effortlessly, which will greatly improve your work efficiency

four steel wires are thickened, the saw edge is sharp, and the operation is simple. Just rub back and forth on the cutting object, and it can be easily done in a few minutes, which is easy and labor-saving

complete accessories, humanized design, convenient storage, no space, easy to carry

a set of combinations can meet your use needs and achieve a wide range of conditioning of the experimental speed (0.01 (5) 0mm/min). The experimental process is stable and efficient, and the angle of hacksaw cutting different objects is also different. Mastering the correct cutting method can make your work twice the result with half the effort

it is very multifunctional. High wear-resistant parts are set in the drill, which can be used smoothly, with large impact force, comfortable hand feeling, and multi-purpose. The income of wall drilling is 5.54 billion yuan, which is easy and efficient

the whole forged rubber sleeve is corrosion-resistant, rust resistant, durable and comfortable to hold. With it, we can solve the three problems of difficult selection, bulkiness and tediousness of traditional tools

it is suitable for wood carving, grinding, chamfering, reaming and other functions. It is the preferred tool for entertainment lovers to create their own works

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