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New "green plastic" promotes the North American market

recently, Wilkinson digital products and mobile phone manufacturing company in the United States began to produce polylactic acid (PLA) heating and molding packaging materials with corn as raw material, and promoted this "green plastic" to the North American market

it is understood that this kind of green plastic products that make Hengxu call on the state to introduce relevant policies and use the "natural" trademark of Cargill @ Dow company (csugildow natureworkstm) have been used as the packaging of fresh food in European and Asian countries. These packaging containers that use the registered trademark of Wilkinson company "natural polylactic acid plastic" can be discarded after use. The product operator said that this commodity plan has been launched for 15 months. As a substitute for petroleum resin, it has no adverse impact on the environment and has been highly praised by the market. Now 7. The self built strong experimental database has registered a trademark and sold on the market in the polymeric lactic acid green packaging materials used to package all kinds of exquisite food and fresh food

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