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The forest ecosystem plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the safety of China's granaries and maintaining the ecological balance of the river system and its watershed, and its ecological status is very important. In such an environment, the carbon sequestration function of forests has attracted more and more attention

on February 16, 2005, the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to limit the CO2 emissions of developed countries in the world and maintain the global ecological balance, came into force. In the same year, the State Forestry Administration has set up a carbon sink Management Office for this purpose. At that time, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government were keenly aware of the carbon sequestration projects of the Kyoto Protocol (the purpose of developed countries to provide funds and technologies to build carbon sequestration projects in developing countries is to be able to obtain the amount of CO2 absorbed by certified forests as their own CO2 emission reduction targets, while the ownership of forest land and trees of certified forests belongs to developing countries.) It is giving birth to a huge market and providing a new financing channel for forestry development in the future. It not only marks that the ecological function of forestry has been gradually recognized by the international community economically, but also marks the arrival of the era when forestry ecological services can be rewarded through trade, which can further strengthen the important position of forestry in the national sustainable development strategy

carbon sink officially appeared in the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change in 1992, which refers to the process, activity or mechanism of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon sinks include not only the well-known forestry carbon sinks, but also marine carbon sinks, grassland carbon sinks, agricultural carbon sinks, etc. as long as carbon dioxide can be eliminated from the atmosphere, it can be included in the carbon sink after the experimental machine is loaded. Electronic pull testing machine, also known as electronic pull testing machine forest carbon sink trading, is a way to establish high emission areas to pay for carbon sink indicators from low-carbon forest areas between countries or some provinces and urban areas in China, so as to offset part of their greenhouse gas emissions, achieve the effect of indirect emission reduction through the market mechanism, realize the compensation of forest ecological value, and unify the rights and obligations of actors. It gives full play to the ecological function of existing forests, converts the annual carbon sequestration of forests into specific carbon sequestration indicators, and integrates enterprise production emission reduction and forest ecological protection through market mechanisms to achieve sustainable development

carrying out forest carbon sequestration trading has unique advantages

advantage 1: Yichun forest region has adhered to the development concept of ecological priority for many years. The economy and society have not only made great progress, but also accumulated huge green capital for the country. Its 4million hectares of forest land is a huge carbon reservoir. According to the evaluation report of the Chinese Academy of forestry in 2010, the total value of forest and wetland assets in our city is 1.26 trillion yuan; The total value of material products provided every year is 32.029 billion yuan, and the total value of ecological services is 143.303 billion yuan; The annual amount of oxygen released is 10.2955 million tons, and the value of oxygen released is 3.861 billion yuan per year; The total amount of carbon sequestration reached 1.23 billion tons, and the value of carbon sequestration services reached 3.6 billion yuan; From this perspective, Yichun is the hometown of carbon sink in China

advantage 2: our city has good forest management infrastructure and rich forest management experience. The total output of seedlings in the city is 340million, with 90million seedlings, and the seed reserve capacity reaches 4.2 million jin; Over the years, the majority of scientific and technological workers in the forest region have carried out the research and promotion of more than 160 projects, such as Larch provenance test, Korean pine seedling raising technology research, phenological meteorological technology, Yichun forest area forest pest occurrence integrated control opinions, etc. A total of 1.17 million mu of forest diseases, pests and rodents were prevented, accounting for more than 95% of the area where forest diseases, pests and rodents occurred. It provides necessary conditions for the construction of carbon sequestration projects

advantage 3: the development of forest for all citizens has formed a certain scale. In 2001, our city formulated and issued the "pilot work plan and experimental rules for the development of non-public forestry", formulated the plan for the development of private forests in the whole forest region, and put the development of private forests on the track of standardized management and healthy development. At present, the city has developed more than 70000 hectares of private forests, providing a good atmosphere for the management of foreign investment in afforestation

advantage 4: our city has strong forest resources protection measures. Various violations of laws and disciplines that destroy forest resources have been hit hard, and a strong atmosphere for the protection of forest resources has formed in the forest region, providing a security guarantee for the construction of carbon sequestration projects

advantage 5: Yichun forest region is a national excellent eco-tourism city. In the past two years, it has been successively rated as China's excellent tourism city, National Garden City, and national advanced greening city, and has been awarded the honorary title of green Yichun. It provides a good production and living environment for investors in carbon sequestration projects

implement forestry carbon sink projects to promote win-win economic development and ecological protection

in the world, there are two main measures to reduce the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and slow down climate warming: one is to reduce the emission source of greenhouse gases, the other is to increase the absorption and sink of greenhouse gases, and the second way is to increase carbon sink. Implementing forestry carbon sequestration projects such as afforestation and forest management and increasing forest carbon sequestration is a world recognized economic and effective way to alleviate the rapid rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Research shows that for every cubic meter of forest growth, the average volume of trees absorbs 1.83 tons of carbon dioxide and releases 1.62 tons of oxygen. The soil organic carbon of mature forest continues to increase, which has a large carbon sink function. Carbon neutrality can usually be achieved by promoting the use of renewable energy and afforestation. This process involves carbon sink trading

The head of the carbon sequestration Office of the municipal resources and Forestry Bureau said:

carrying out forest carbon sequestration trading is conducive to enhancing the awareness of everyone's responsibility, enterprises' responsibility and society's responsibility in dealing with global climate change, promoting the rapid adjustment of energy structure, promoting the technological improvement and efficiency improvement of high energy consuming enterprises, and accelerating the arrival of the era of low-carbon economy; It can be revealed that environmental protection and afforestation are undertakings that require costs and inputs, which will make them in a more favorable position in the global carbon trading value chain in the future; It can not only curb the rapid consumption of world forest resources, but also achieve the purpose of emission reduction, unify the traditional afforestation and protection, and make the ecological function of forests recognized and played

the implementation of carbon sink projects is conducive to the mechanism innovation of forestry development and is of great significance to the sustainable development of forestry. Our city is a national key forest area with obvious capital advantages and suitable natural conditions. Actively participating in the international carbon sink market, striving for more international capital and technical support, especially the introduction of advanced forest management concepts, is one of the important ways to build the Xiaoxing'an Mountain Ecological Function Zone and Ecological Economic Zone, accelerate the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, and realize the sustainable development of social economy

with the implementation of carbon sink trading system, industrial developed areas can go to areas with large forest areas and important national carbon storage bases, such as our city to order carbon emission indicators, and our city will organize afforestation and forest tending and effective management, so as to increase carbon sinks and offset the emissions of these areas by making the forests here grow better and faster. In this way, regions with good development conditions can focus on accelerating development, and low-carbon cities can benefit from development, achieve a balance, and achieve a win-win situation between economic development and ecological protection

establish a forest carbon sequestration trading market and improve relevant systems and mechanisms

forest carbon sequestration trading, as a new economic growth point in the city, is only in its infancy. To do this work well, the whole city needs to work together

publicity and training should be strengthened to popularize forestry carbon sequestration knowledge. Through the guidance of the government, organize the media, and vigorously carry out carbon sequestration and carbon neutralization (carbon neutralization is to absorb emissions through tree planting, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.) Relevant activities, popularize forestry carbon sequestration and carbon neutralization and other related knowledge, make carbon sequestration deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and attract more enterprises, groups, organizations or individuals to volunteer to participate in the development of forestry carbon sequestration industry. Targeted training on carbon sequestration knowledge should be carried out for managers, technicians and media institutions to promote the trainees to deeply understand the theories and methods related to forestry carbon sequestration and carbon neutralization, and promote the orderly implementation of regional forestry carbon sequestration pilot projects

a forest carbon sink trading market should be established as soon as possible. Our city has completed the ecological value assessment, and has great practical carbon absorption and fixation capacity and great foreign exchange potential. We should carry out a pilot project to establish a forest carbon sequestration trading market, and gradually expand the promotion after the successful experience of the first pilot demonstration

the types of forestry carbon sink projects should be defined. Through afforestation, restoration of degraded ecosystems, establishment of agroforestry complex systems, strengthening sustainable forest management and other measures, terrestrial carbon absorption can be enhanced; Land carbon emissions can be reduced by reducing deforestation, improving logging measures, improving wood utilization efficiency and more effectively controlling forest disasters. Therefore, according to the relevant policies and regulations on land use, land-use change and accelerating forestry development in China, the pilot projects of regional forestry carbon sink can be divided into afforestation and reforestation projects, emission reduction projects of deforestation and forest degradation and forest management projects

a regional carbon sink trading system should be established. Our city has established an ecological value evaluation system, which can scientifically evaluate emissions, carbon sequestration and other relevant data, which is the premise of establishing a carbon sequestration trading system. Promote regions with excellent film forming capacity and emission reduction needs to purchase carbon sink indicators in the carbon sink market through the system, ensure that regions with carbon sink indicators can sell corresponding indicators through the trading market, and realize the integration of forest carbon sink function and energy conservation and emission reduction through the establishment of the system. Finally, the forest can be better protected, the ecological benefits can be maximized, and the further development of ecological protection work can be promoted

relevant evaluation and assessment mechanisms of regional carbon sinks should be improved. We should comprehensively consider the unbalanced factors of regional economic and social development, including geography, population, environment, climate, etc., and set different levels of emission indicators according to the above factors, so as to ensure economic development, achieve economic and ecological win-win, achieve sustainable development, and achieve the goal of regional carbon sink Trading on the premise of controlling emissions

a forest rights exchange should be established in our city. China forestry property exchange is the only comprehensive trading and service institution engaged in national forestry elements and resources in China. At present, it has registered and established a holding subsidiary Zhonglin Institute Southwest Forest Property Rights Trading Co., Ltd. in Chengdu. To carry out forestry carbon sequestration and financial services in our city, we must first strive to register and establish Yichun forestry property exchange, a holding subsidiary of China forestry property exchange. The forest rights exchange can apply for the pilot area of regional carbon rights trading of the State Forestry Administration, and assist relevant departments to provide market-oriented solutions for forest carbon sequestration trading

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