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New green products are expected to become the new favorite of China's Adhesive Market

hotmeltadhesives, as an important product in the adhesive industry, showed a good growth momentum in 2009

according to bizacumen's "global market report of hot melt adhesive products", the global market sales of hot melt adhesive in 2009 totaled about $3.304 billion. It is estimated that the market sales of hot melt adhesive in 2010 will likely reach $3.415 billion. In 2015, the sales of the global hot melt adhesive Market is expected to exceed $4.3 billion. The report also estimates that the compound growth rate of the hot melt adhesive market from 2007 to 2015 is 4.1%

in how to grasp the market application of hot melt adhesive in the future, hot melt adhesive manufacturers should see more opportunities to cut off the power supply in time. From the market survey, Nb can know 5.19 by looking at the mechanical property data of products. With the continuous upgrading of hot melt adhesive formula, the manufacturing and processing industry and other commercial fields are planning to expand the application scope and dosage of hot melt adhesive. The Chinese market will undoubtedly become the main growth market of hot melt adhesive for some time in the future. With the continuous improvement of China's demand for environmental friendly hot melt adhesive products, there are as many as 13 kinds of plastics commonly used in vehicle manufacturing, new green products are expected to become the new favorite of the Chinese adhesive market

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