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New height, new environment -- Zhonghua industrial control moved to Xinxi

on July 18, 2005, Zhonghua industrial control officially entered the office on the fourth floor of JINDA technology center, Kefeng Road, Shenzhen high tech Industrial Park. This relocation has created another new starting point in the history of industrial control in China

Zhonghua industrial control was registered as "Sinan industrial control" at the beginning of 2000, becoming a technical exchange platform for the industrial control industry. It was put into commercial operation in 2002 and renamed as "industrial control special zone". In 2004, with the rapid growth of the station and the active participation of Chinese in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, it was renamed "China industrial control"

at the beginning of its establishment, China industrial control took it as its own responsibility to expand China's industrial control market, from technical exchange to business operation; " On April 6, from market publicity and market planning to customized services for enterprises. Innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. Adhering to the concept of innovation, China industrial control is well-known in the Chinese industrial control market. Industrial control forum, so that information can be spread more widely and further. Industrial control album, let us know more. Industrial control search, find what you want, so that you can seize business opportunities in one step. Today's focus, you know what happened in the industrial control industry today. Industrial control blog, a stage for industrial control personnel to show their personality...... 2. Usage:

things are always changing. The success of China industrial control is verifying the term of "Shenzhen speed". The new office address is vigorous, imposing, and has complete office facilities with high-tech advantages. This relocation shows the determination of Zhonghua industrial control to base on industrial control and serve industrial control

based on the business operation of industrial control, China industrial control pays attention to information dissemination. As the focus of enterprise development, you want to develop the market. According to your theme needs, we recruit people to win thousands of miles for you; You want to learn industrial control knowledge and understand industrial control trends. We provide you with a platform for communication. Your wish of Zhonghua industrial control is realized for you

China industrial control has experienced five years of development and expansion. On this occasion, all staff of China industrial control express their sincere thanks to the insiders, industrial control manufacturers, industrial control users and cooperative media who have long supported and paid attention to our development. We will work harder, carry forward the meticulous and considerate service spirit on the basis of the original success, constantly innovate and make progress, integrate various information platforms, and spread the "wind of industrial control" to the industrial control market, industrial control crowd, industrial control users, industrial control media, and industrial control campus. With your support, we firmly believe in our goal - 1. People's neglect of Vocational and technical education, although the concept of respecting knowledge and talents has been recognized by society in today's society - to become the leader of e-commerce in the field of industrial control in China

with hard-working hands, first-rate deeds, achievements belong to their own wonderful life, Huagong control

July 18, 2005

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