At the head of the hottest crisis, DuPont announce

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At the head of the crisis, DuPont announced that it would not reduce its investment in China

DuPont (China) Co., Ltd. recently announced that the real-time stimulus plan for China's 4trillion yuan economic experiment speed will launch the dragon project, and set up a special team to develop related businesses at the same speed as the touchpoint. The team will focus on three areas: high-speed railway, clean energy and infrastructure construction

Eric, global vice president and general manager of DuPont titanium white technology, said that timely and appropriate response to macroeconomic decisions is an important condition for an enterprise to grasp opportunities and maintain sustainable development. The focus of this team is to establish an effective information collection process, promote and assist business departments to analyze information and seek opportunities through exchanges with government departments, customers or dealers. He also said that despite the global financial crisis, DuPont has taken a lot of effective measures to deal with it and will not reduce its investment in China this year

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