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Personal care packaging market: plastic packaging is far ahead

it is predicted that although the U.S. personal care packaging market is mature and saturated, and its development is relatively slow, plastic packaging will still be one of the hot spots of market development in the future

it is predicted that the current market value of personal care packaging is $3.04 billion, and its revenue is expected to grow to $3.97 billion in 2012, mainly due to some remarkable achievements in plastic packaging bottles in this field. After analyzing this data in detail, we find that the plastic bottle packaging field accounts for 2.73 billion US dollars of the whole market value, and this number is expected to increase to 3.6 billion by 2012, which shows the importance of the plastic packaging market

in the field of personal care products, packaging is considered to be one of the most effective ways of brand differentiation and promotion. Only in the field of plastic packaging can personal care manufacturers actively tap potential, expand scope and strengthen flexibility, so as to achieve rapid brand development on the basis of ensuring the lowest cost

the figures and market trends listed in the latest report of frost Sullivan Market Research Company (American personal care packaging market) show that this industry is still in a transitional stage, and most mass brand personal care products have begun to change, gradually preferring to choose other original substitutes for glass and metal, of which plastic packaging materials are the most popular. As a packaging material, plastic materials are popular for their highly flexible performance. In recent years, due to the rapid improvement of plastic bottle in design, decoration, material selection, molding technology and technology, it is more and more widely used in cosmetics and washing products packaging, and its role and position in packaging materials are becoming more and more prominent. With the development of packaging materials and packaging technology outside the United States, plastic bottles are widely used in the packaging of cosmetics and washing products, such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic materials with low price, rich sources and good molding performance. They can be made into plastic bottles with various structures and shapes, and can be used for various decorations and low precision horizontal design, To give better play to the sales function of packaging Langsheng, which will produce Durethan and pocan engineering plastics. For example, transparent PET plastic bottles have become the packaging containers used by daily chemical and cosmetic manufacturers. PET bottles are characterized by a wide range of capacity. For high-strength and transparent plastic bottles produced by stretch blow molding process, the commonly used capacity range can range from dozens of milliliters to 2 liters; Good transparency and gloss, good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, stable chemical properties and good gas resistance; Soft touch. Some enterprises and brands such as nays, blue moon, kaimi and Watsons have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers for shower gel, skin care products and washing products

the report also said that this trend will continue to develop in the next few years, which is also a major reason for the rapid increase in the number of plastic packaging. Other favorable factors also include other new trends in market development, such as the wide application of portable product packaging and some special product types (such as cosmetics and sunscreen products); The prosperity and development of male cosmetics and anti-aging products will also bring more development opportunities for plastic packaging; In addition, as consumers pay more and more attention to ecological and environmental protection, many daily chemical enterprises have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, and have also added environmental protection considerations to the selection of packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled. To develop green packaging, we should consider: paying attention to the development and substitution of packaging materials, developing environmental protection materials to replace traditional materials; Pay attention to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste; Actively adapt to the global green consumption fashion and promote the development of commodity packaging towards "green packaging". The consumption concept with great awareness of environmental protection will also promote the further prosperity of plastic packaging

as predicted by many people in the industry, the packaging of cosmetics and washing products needs to be both protective, functional and decorative. The Trinity is the direction of packaging development in the future. Plastic packaging sometimes cannot be loaded to the maximum load or unloading materials in the loading process undoubtedly has great advantages. For example, the packaging industry has been committed to developing a packaging product that can not only effectively protect the function of content materials, but also meet the needs of luxury and novel appearance. The plastic container produced by multi-layer coextrusion blow molding technology can meet the above two requirements. It enables different kinds of plastics with different properties to be extruded together and formed at one time. The product integrates the advantages of various constituent materials and meets the barrier requirements of high-end cosmetics and washing products. Completely isolate light and air, avoid oxidation of cosmetics, and obtain wonderful visual effects and unique hand feel by kneading different kinds of plastics. In addition, the advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, strong and easy to produce. With the development of plastic technology, plastic products have achieved the transparency that only glass once had. PETG is easy to be colored, and after anti UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged, and it is possible to gradually replace glass bottles. Develop various functional plastic containers, pay attention to the use and development of new materials and technologies, and meet the packaging of different grades of products and consumer needs, such as UV resistant HDPE plastic bottles, which are used in the packaging of cosmetics and washing products, and have great development prospects

looking forward to the future, the report emphasizes that this industry is also facing many challenges, such as price pressure may lead to the reduction of the profit space of the industry; More and more multinational enterprises' pursuit of global expansion and packaging industry integration may also hit small and medium-sized plastic packers. In general, opportunities and challenges coexist. The road ahead of plastic packaging is not smooth, but it will be bright

source: Chinese Journal of washing and cosmetics

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