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Perkins launches with Wuxi new products Beijing BICES 2011

Perkins launches with Wuxi new products Beijing BICES 2011

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Guide: Perkins starts, otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel and cause equipment damage. The 11th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery The exhibition and technical exchange of mining machinery and industrial vehicles (BICES 2011) showed for the first time the prototype of its 1106c mechanical control engine to be put into production in Wuxi. In addition to 1106c

Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. will show its 1106c mechanical control engine prototype in Wuxi for the first time at the 11th China (Beijing) International Exhibition and technical exchange of construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery and industrial vehicles (BICES 2011)

in addition to the 1106c, Perkins will also display a variety of the most advanced engines that can meet the U.S. fourth stage transition or final stage, including 404f-22, 854e-e34ta and 1204e-e44ta, so that the OEMs in various industries in China can fully understand the powerful engine lineup that Perkins can help them overcome stringent emission requirements


1106c is another new series of products of the third production line launched by Perkins Wuxi factory in July this year, which is scheduled to be fully put into production at the beginning of next year. The members of this series are industrial engines that meet the secondary emission standard, but like the 1106a series, the displacement is also increased

in terms of construction machinery, the main engine factory of wheel loaders generally uses a 10 liter engine to match a 5-ton loader. The 1106c has the same performance, but its size is small and its operation cost is relatively low. The power density increases, and the output power follows (0.15m); Engines with much larger displacement are exactly the same, but their cost performance will be much higher. Smaller displacement means better fuel consumption performance, that is, higher efficiency, and more competitive from the perspective of cost throughout the service life

the key reason why Perkins can successfully develop this series of turbocharged intercooling configuration is that it has now provided a variety of turbocharged engines to the market. On this basis, the maximum rated power of secondary standard products increased from 136kw (182hp) to 162kw (217hp), and the torque also increased from 605nm to 930nm

because all models of the 1106 series use a common platform, the engine can be upgraded to a higher stage of emission standards with few changes. The main engine plant can easily cope with the introduction of new emission regulations in China in the future

in June last year, Perkins Wuxi officially launched the production line of 1100 series 4-cylinder products. In July this year, the production line of 1100 series 6-cylinder mechanical configuration engine was put into operation again, taking the lead in producing 1106a configuration specially for the power generation market; At present, the preliminary work of 1106c is in full swing, and Perkins' development speed in China cannot be underestimated


404f-22 made its debut in the China Exhibition for the first time after opening the check valve (conexpo2011) at the International Construction Machinery Expo in Las Vegas in March, allowing the national achievements to make useful signals engulfed by disturbing signals

404f-22 is a 4-cylinder member of the new 400F series. The 400F models are further developed on the basis of Perkins' popular 400 series, which can meet the U.S. level IV final/EU phase IV emission regulations officially implemented in 2013, that is, they are applicable to equipment with power above 25HP (19kw) in the U.S. market, while they are applicable to equipment with power above 49.5hp (37KW) in the European Union market

97% of the components of the new engine are the same as those of other levels of emission standards in the past. The OEMs can save a lot of research and development costs in the upgrading process, which is believed to give a great help to Chinese OEMs to enter the overseas market

in addition, the 400F has many other advantages, including: the performance ratio of the engine that can meet the four level transition regulation is improved; The electronic control system helps reduce engine noise and fuel consumption; Use passive recycling strategy to maximize the productivity of machinery; Convenient maintenance and high maintainability; Fuel consumption has been reduced; Common rail injection system is not required. Applicable engineering equipment includes: Road leveler, small excavator, skid steer loader and aerial work platform


Perkins' latest 850 series engine is a good choice for OEMs looking for a smooth transition to the U.S. level IV transition period/EU IIIB phase emission regulations

the compact solution makes the engine lighter and more space can be made to install the after-treatment device, which is an essential component to meet the four level emission standard

850 series engines adopt a variety of new technologies, including 1600bar high-pressure common rail injection system, which can improve combustion and reduce fuel consumption; Advanced NOx and NOx emission reduction system; Diesel particulate filter can reduce diesel soot particles; The standard turbocharger equipped with intelligent wastegate provides the best transient response; And an all electronic control system to promote a high degree of integration and improve the operation interface. (this article is from Perkins)

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