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Shoulder AI national team, cloud from technology this year's "advance" and "keep"

shoulder AI national team, cloud from technology this year's "advance" and "keep"

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original title: shoulder AI national team, In April, the label of "national team for establishing macro-control and market regulation mechanism" has become an "endorsement" for AI and other high barrier industries to take orders and land, but the introduction of "national team" is only to remove business barriers and obtain more policy support

in fact, if you want to truly regard yourself as a "national team", there is an equal weight behind the honor, and "keeping" and "advancing" are equally important

"the burden on our shoulders is getting heavier and heavier", said Zhou Xi, the founder and President of Yuncong technology in private

at that time, he had just taken over from the national development and Reform Commission the important task of the construction of the national "Internet +" major project - "artificial intelligence basic resources public service platform", and obtained the financial support of 2billion yuan from the Guangzhou municipal government. He was rushing to China and the United States to gather the world's top technology and management talents

in the corner of Yuncong technology office, on the right is Zhou Xi, the founder of Yuncong technology

Zhou Xi and Yuncong team know that "the more core the position is, the more important it is."

in the past year, Yuncong has ensured the leadership of banking, civil aviation, security and other businesses. At the same time, local teams are also methodically promoting the construction of national project projects - "public service platform for basic resources of artificial intelligence" and "industrialization and application project of high accuracy face recognition system"

now, one of the burdens has fallen. According to machine heart, the "public service platform for basic AI resources" built by Yuncong will be officially released this month. In addition, the financing and IPO process of Yuncong has also made phased progress

machine heart news, cloud technology officially completed the b+ round of financing. Including this round of financing, Yuncong technology has completed four rounds of financing, with a cumulative development fund of more than 3.5 billion yuan

in this round of financing, in addition to the original shareholders such as Yuanhe origin, Yuexiu financial holding and Liu Yiqian, many national strategic investors were added, including China Guoxin, Guangzhou industrial investment fund, Guangdong Yueke financial group, Shanghai Liansheng capital, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund, etc

according to insiders in the industry, the valuation of cloud technology in this round is expected to reach 23billion yuan. The new round of financing is regarded as a prelude to IPO by the outside world, aiming to establish valuation and broaden the investor base

in fact, "China speed" has never disappointed people, especially in the year when AI technology "horse racing enclosure" competed for the landing, the binding between AI head companies and capital has become deeper and deeper, and there are no lack of international top consortia such as Temasek and Softbank. However, the "fast" accelerated realization of capital does not mean "stable". Compared with the original AI technology platform companies of the same type, the original "national team" completely derived from the scientific research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences seems to think more deeply and go more steadily on the road of capital accumulation and market expansion

"we are a purely domestic funded company" - Zhou Xi's concept of cloud has never wavered since its inception. "Cloud's independent key technology and capital structure are clear", even though capital's enthusiasm for artificial intelligence has fluctuated in the past two years. In other words, in this wave of AI, cloud technology retains more national autonomy for original AI technology and massive data, and also builds a barrier for some security and financial projects involving national security

facing the increasing homogenization of AI companies in the same echelon, Zhou Xi said, "many times, homogenization also means that what we do is still superficial." Technology solution companies are really easy to homogenize by providing core technologies. Integrators control the big plate, and when they need to buy technology, everyone rushes forward, which can't last long

first, take over the "heavy burden"

the key figures behind the creation of cloud technology are Zhou Xi, the founder, Huang xutao, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Yuan Jiahu, the head of the Chongqing Green Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from left to right.

at the beginning of the 21st century, the image recognition rate of machines began to exceed that of human eyes, and the commercialization process of computer vision technology began to show hope

Zhou Xi, who is also doing image recognition research at UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign), has a stronger idea of technology landing. "Thomas and I often discuss something more practical. Where is the basic theory of image and video more suitable?". When investigating in Finland and other places, Zhou Xi was inspired by some cutting-edge application cases, but also determined the application direction of face recognition technology, and believed that the Chinese market has a considerable stock

thomas S. Huang is the tutor of Dr. Zhou Xi, whose Chinese name is Huang xutao. He invented the two-dimensional fax (document) compression method of predictive differential quantization (PDQ). He is one of the most senior Chinese scientists in the fields of computer vision, pattern recognition, multimedia and so on. He is known as the "father of computer vision". He played an important role in the later creation of cloud Cong and the exchange of artificial intelligence technology between China and the United States

in 2011, Zhou Xi was invited to return to China. He entered the "Hundred Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences". Together with UIUC and the National University of Singapore, he first established an intelligent multimedia technology research center at the Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This research center plays the role of matchmaking, gradually transplanting the advanced technology of UIUC to China, and integrating with the previous research results of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

the reason why I choose to start a business is not to rely on large companies for R & D. Zhou Xi said that in Silicon Valley culture, real innovation is done by small companies, while large companies are relatively conservative in ideology. In his opinion, since we want to do innovative things, we should be more thorough and input

in the Internet era, the first choice to establish a technology company is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the cloud chooses Chongqing - largely driven by the "people behind". "It was president yuan's sincerity that moved us at that time", Zhou Xi recalled. President yuan mentioned here is the head of the Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to Zhou Xi, he flew to the United States three times to discuss with Academician Huang the plan to bring the leading technology back to the country. In the later process of Yuncong's establishment, the Chinese Academy of Sciences acted as an angel investor

Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences has bred sufficient talents and technological achievements for cloud since its inception. Subsequently, Yuncong's scientific research strength gradually expanded. It established five R & D centers in Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou and Guangzhou, two joint laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University, and a three-level R & D structure composed of two cutting-edge laboratories of UIUC and Silicon Valley in the United States. The number of R & D personnel reached more than 700, and established a world leading AI visual image innovation R & D center in Nansha, Guangzhou

the long-term and solid accumulation of technology determines the commercialization rhythm of cloud Cong. Within half a year after its establishment, Yuncong launched a number of industry application level products and solutions, actively built its own brand, gradually formed a solid leading market position in the mainstream markets such as finance, security, security inspection, and constantly widened the market boundary

in March 2017, Yuncong technology took over the list of projects to be supported by 2017's "Internet +" major projects from the national development and Reform Commission. Yuncong technology was tied with 22 key technology companies and projects such as Baidu, Tencent, iFLYTEK, etc

the project to be supported by cloud from technology is the company's "artificial intelligence basic resources public service platform" project. The project name shows the basic and standardized characteristics of the selected projects. When talking about the platform project, Zhou Xi said that the most important thing is to get policy support, and then establish cooperation with various public institutions to legally use data to serve the general public; Strengthen the strategic layout, and really let AI quickly enter all walks of life and ordinary life

for the specific definition of "public service platform of artificial intelligence basic resources", in December 2016, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice of the national development and Reform Commission on the implementation of new generation information infrastructure construction projects" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), which mentioned: build a new super large-scale computer cluster, face voice, image, geographic and other information, integrate audio, video, pictures, three-dimensional models Geographic information and other format data, build an artificial intelligence basic resource database for industry wide applications, support intelligent analysis and processing in the cloud, have the functions of automatic data labeling and intelligent classification, and can provide auxiliary analysis functions such as face recognition, character recognition and speech recognition, so as to provide basic and public services for the development and construction of artificial intelligence ecosystem

generally speaking, the so-called artificial intelligence basic resource public service platform integrates a large number of audio, video, picture and other format data to form a basic resource database available in the whole industry. The platform can support cloud analysis and provide face recognition, character recognition, voice recognition and other functions

the notice also clearly puts forward clear technical requirements for the data and technical capabilities of the platform. For example: (1) the data capacity of the platform is no less than 5pb, forming no less than 5million standardized data resources, forming no less than 5million standardized data resources, and the average number of calls based on image and voice applications is more than 100million times a day. (2) Prepare at least two intelligent processing data labels and intelligent classification standards, and build an evaluation platform for resource warehousing. (3) The image recognition rate exceeds 93%, the character recognition rate (Chinese) reaches 90%, and the speech recognition rate exceeds 95%

according to machine heart, the project of "public service platform for AI basic resources" of Yuncong technology has been officially approved and will be officially released this month

in January 2018, the national development and Reform Commission once again confirmed that "Beijing ZHONGDUN" under the Ministry of science and technology and public security will undertake the construction task of the national "Ai" major project - "industrialization and application project of high accuracy face recognition system"

so far, driven by the double leverage of market demand and national policy support, Yuncong technology, as a computer vision technology company, has greatly tapped its technology and market potential, and has become a mature platform and commercialized transformation

in June this year, nanalyze, an internationally renowned investment forum, combined with the data of CrunchBase and CB insights AI top 100, announced the list of the world's top ten AI start-ups, and Yuncong technology was selected as the only domestic enterprise representative in China

second, multi domain run

cloud from the urban brain central control platform

among the business lines of cloud from, banks, airports and security are the most clear. It is reported that Yuncong has become one of the largest suppliers of face recognition technology in the banking industry, including more than 400 banks across the country, such as Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and China Merchants Bank, which have adopted corporate products to provide comparison services for banks across the country an average of 216 million times a day

in the field of security, the company's product has been that the self-healing system is a three-dimensional vascular network, which has been launched in 29 provincial administrative regions. As of March 2018, it has assisted local police to obtain 4376 case results, which has been highly recognized by the Ministry of public security; stay

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