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PerkinElmer launched nexion 300 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

perkinelmer launched nexion (TM) 300 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer to promote the development of elemental analysis in the safe application of environment, materials and consumer goods

advanced function and easy to use 4. A new atomic spectroscopy platform for high-speed collection of experimental data, suitable for all kinds of applications, with detection capacity of up to one trillion

Orlando, Florida, March 1st, 2010 (U.S. business) -- PerkinElmer, Inc., a leading global company focused on improving human health and the safety of its living environment, today announced that it would launch nexion (TM) 300 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) for elemental analysis at Pittcon (R) 2010 (booth 2769, March 1st-4th, 2010)

"nexion 300 platform has the ability of trace element analysis. Under the situation that the world is dealing with many problems such as air, water and food pollution, the reliability of drugs and nutritional supplements, and the safety of emerging nano materials, the launch of this product is at the right time." Martin long, vice president of PerkinElmer spectrum business department and analytical science and laboratory services department, said

he added: "Now, researchers will be able to use a simplified system to perform trillionth level trace element analysis, and even non expert users can use the system for complex analysis. This new nexion 300 system can also greatly reduce daily maintenance and cleaning work to 55%, 25% in the production line construction stage, 20% in the small batch production stage, and reduce the short downtime for operators Technical requirements. "

nexion 300 instrument has the patented universal cell technology (TM) (UCT) technology. It is the only instrument of the same kind that can use the interference elimination mode caused by the fatigue failure of parts with a large proportion of "standard", "collision" and "reaction". Using these three models, scientists can choose the appropriate technology for specific applications according to the complexity of the problem to be solved

nexion's "standard" mode can be used for simple and routine analysis. The "collision" mode is suitable for semi quantitative analysis, environmental sample monitoring and unknown sample detection. The patented DRC (TM) technology is used in the "reaction" mode, which can obtain the best detection surface bonding strength limit even for the most difficult elements and matrices (such as semiconductor testing). The

nexion 300 system can cooperate with the chromatographic system for efficient form analysis, enabling users to accurately separate relevant elements and determine the toxicity, bioavailability, metabolism and environmental mobility of elements

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