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People who let data speak

Beijing, China, on May 14, 2020, eight years ago, Huhu, the innovative superstar in Tsinghua music circle and the lead singer of the band, came to an enterprise with a history of nearly 200 years with piano sound and dreams. Here, she met a group of data miners like her, and jointly started the innovation journey of decoding the secrets behind 01 with emerging technologies

six years ago, cailuping from the environmental protection circle began to explore the possibility of reducing carbon emissions by digital means in Schneider Electric. Now he is building a digital tool for equipment life cycle management to help enterprise customers achieve operational efficiency improvement and sustainable development

a year ago, Wang Liman, who specializes in big data analysis in the tourism industry at Beiwai, joined Schneider Electric, and once again promoted the transformation of algorithm and AI architecture with a new vision and concept

natural language processing, algorithms, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, knowledge map, AR, VR are their daily work and life. It is their small goal to combine dazzling emerging technologies with traditional industrial and distribution scenarios, mine value from big data, and bring improvements in energy efficiency, operation and maintenance, equipment asset availability, and personnel efficiency

digital innovation incubator

huhu, whose real name is Han Zheng, is responsible for the research, development and management of digital products related to medium and low voltage power distribution in Schneider Electric digital service department. With a background of 21 inquiries in the building energy efficiency consulting chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, she joined Schneider Electric's first local digital innovation incubation project from the beginning of her employment, creating an energy efficiency management platform integrating applications, analysis and services by using cloud applications

with the support of the company's strong training system and global innovation platform, Huhu and team members integrate core functional modules such as data collection and analysis, equipment and facility optimization management, measurement and verification, predict intelligent indicators, diagnose energy efficiency, and give analysis suggestions on the basis of storing and displaying energy information, so as to help users find energy efficiency blind spots and formulate effective energy-saving strategies. This is the ecostruxure cloud energy efficiency building consultant, which was later widely used in building energy conservation

the cloud energy efficiency building consultant provides a remote hosting operation mode. Users do not need a lot of one-time on-site equipment investment and subsequent system maintenance resources, and the investment cost can be saved by up to 70%. At the same time, it shortens the project implementation cycle and reduces the system floor space, and the efficiency can be improved by up to 50%

with the increase of practical applications, the iteration of cloud Energy Efficiency Building Consultants is also faster and faster. When traditional databases are increasingly unable to meet the needs of data processing with complex relationships, Wang Liman and his team colleagues have introduced the graph database of ai+ knowledge map to store and analyze data. This technology makes cloud Energy Efficiency Building Consultants even more powerful, and provides a more intuitive report for Swire real estate, which has applied cloud energy efficiency building consultants. At that time, cloud energy efficiency has been able to iterate every two weeks

huhu and Wang Liman used innovation incubator to describe Schneider Electric digital service department when talking about these innovative achievements. Here, you can perfectly combine Schneider Electric's global cutting-edge digital technology, open innovation culture and China's localized independent innovation. As long as you have new ideas, you can get strong support. Huhu said

localization innovation

huhu's most proud localization innovation Qianliyan asset consultant was officially launched in 2018 with the efforts of the digital team. This is a digital service product for the full life cycle of electrical asset health based on cloud platform, with the theme of electrical asset health and the characteristics of operation and maintenance in the Chinese market. It aims to comprehensively ensure the safety and health of electrical assets and provide more intelligent and efficient digital active operation and maintenance

based on the data collected and stored by Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, Qianliyan asset consultant is called the part of ecostruxure power intelligent distribution solution covering the whole life cycle of distribution system

Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts can connect the interconnected intelligent power distribution equipment, collect and process the data of the electrical system through intelligent switching at high speed, realize protocol conversion and network interconnection, and collect data. It can also display the equipment operation and maintenance and energy consumption status of all sites to users through pages or apps, and send alarms and early warning notices. Qianliyan asset consultants in the cloud can deeply analyze the collected system operation and maintenance data, evaluate the health of electrical equipment, and give users electrical system optimization suggestions and asset health diagnosis reports through expert remote diagnosis, so as to ensure the safety and health of electrical assets

the safety and stability of electrical assets mean costs and benefits for industries, commercial buildings, infrastructure, data centers and other fields. Qianliyan asset consultants can save 28% of energy costs, improve 22% of equipment reliability and optimize 28% of maintenance costs for customers in the operation stage of electrical assets

to do this is to deposit the essence of knowledge in the minds of many Schneider electric business experts into the algorithm library of Qianliyan asset consultants through machine learning, AI, logical judgment and other technical means, Huhu said. In the past, it may take several experts a few weeks to generate the report, but now it can be completed in a few minutes. The data is generated by one click through the algorithm of the platform. Based on this, expert consultants can provide opinions and suggestions in minutes

the innovative applications of Qianliyan asset consultants also include visual recognition. In China, many installed electrical equipment are not interconnected, and they are scattered in thousands of buildings. If you want to input these device data information into the current device backup of Qianliyan cloud, you need to know where these devices are, what model they are, what configuration parameters they have, etc; It also requires a lot of labor costs to sweep the building, and the time and labor costs are very high

however, with video recognition or visual recognition technology, the equipment nameplate can be photographed, and AI technology can be used to automatically identify the equipment information, its rated voltage and current, etc., and automatically enter it into the database, without manual work. This is a small application and not a high-end technology, but it perfectly solves a specific problem in a specific scenario. Huhu added

new technology needs to be perfectly combined with the scene

when chatting with students working in major IT head enterprises a year after graduation, Wang Liman's biggest feeling is that when everyone is discussing new technology enthusiastically, what I think is not how advanced the technology is, but how to find the appropriate application in the scene, because we not only know the latest technology, but also have the opportunity to understand the real demand scene

another project that Wang Liman, a post-90s generation, is doing is to continuously optimize the implementation of Schneider electric energy efficiency consulting customer service robot. Shi Shi is a professional energy efficiency consulting robot, which fully combines the industry wisdom of Schneider Electric with the latest AI technology to achieve accurate semantic analysis, and has a strong self-learning mechanism

different from the customer service robots of e-commerce, the products managed by Shi Shi have more than 50000 models, and these products have different systems and different business line classifications; There are about 4 million records of parameters related to these product models. The data involved include some complex issues such as installation, commissioning, fault analysis, technology selection, business policy, etc

traditionally, a customer service staff needs a lot of technical background, technical support, to recite some manuals, operation manuals, etc. it takes several months to cultivate this customer service so that he can go online. With intelligent customer service robots,% of the problems can be solved online, and customers can be served 7 * 24 hours. This is the convenience brought by technology. Wang Liman explained

economic and environmental value in the whole life cycle

to resist global climate change, enterprises need to take initiatives to reduce their own production and operation and upstream and downstream carbon emissions. The management of carbon emissions requires the group's energy and environmental data reports, while the reduction of carbon emissions requires the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, equipment and projects. Based on the concept of ecostruxure machine's full life cycle efficiency and energy conservation, Cai Luping found that more and more Chinese equipment manufacturers are no longer a single product provider, but should be responsible for the full life cycle of assets. Cai Luping and his team colleagues clearly know that this needs the comprehensive support of digital technology

in 2017, Schneider Electric released a new ecostruxure machine consultant, which is a cloud based digital service platform. It enables machine manufacturers to connect any installed machine at any production site to obtain more real-time data, upload it to the cloud, and use the web and applications to configure, analyze and visualize the data, so as to provide digital services for machine operators, so as to carry out data management in the whole life cycle of the machine

ecostruxure machine advisor includes three modules: tracking, monitoring and repair. It can realize the simple localization of the machine and the creation of relevant configuration files, including architecture, logs, machine history, task management and documents; Collect and visualize the running machine data, and understand the abnormal conditions with the help of analysis and notification; At the same time, the on-site availability of necessary software can also be achieved through the cloud. These not only make the maintenance services of mechanical equipment manufacturers more efficient and convenient, but also greatly improve the work efficiency of field equipment operators

machine consultants are the personal stewards of the whole life cycle of industrial equipment. Cai Luping said that it is not just to keep up with the digital trend, but to reduce costs and increase efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction are the ultimate demands of machine consultants. Reducing operation and maintenance costs, improving production efficiency, meeting customer customization and improving user experience are the strengths of machine consultants. Jiangsu Jinwang, a full case service provider of agrochemical packaging machinery, has realized the transformation of intelligent services by relying on machine consultants. The overall service efficiency has been improved by more than 35% and the cost has been reduced by more than 30%

in these innovative explorations, Schneider Electric China has the support of the digital cloud platform to evaluate the mechanical indicators of large diameter. In the process of promoting the implementation of digital services, Schneider Electric combined ecostruxure architecture and platform to create an open and efficient digital ecosystem, especially for the Chinese market, built Schneider Electric China Digital cloud platform located at the PAAS layer, widely linked Schneider Electric and other brand interconnection products, and defined the cloud and edge collaborative architecture to promote the combination of intelligent hardware products and cloud services, Converging access and data to support applications, analysis and services can reduce the overall trial and error and R & D costs internally, and provide a consistent customer experience externally, so as to promote broader connections and richer service capabilities

Huhu, who started in the field of HVAC, Cai Luping, who studies CO2, and li man, who loves music, all gathered on a digital stage built for people with dreams. In Schneider Electric's digital innovation team, together with more digital talents, they matched innovative technologies with application scenarios, so that the originally silent data began to speak and create value for the enterprise. In the torrent of embracing digitalization and enabling capacity and efficiency to cope with global competition, Shi Nai

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