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Perodua may build a new transmission plant at the end of the year.

Malaysian automaker Perodua company recently said that it plans to build a new transmission plant by the end of the fourth quarter of 2011. The new plant will start to produce electronic automatic transmission (eat) systems in 2012 if both of these meet high standards. At present, the company is considering building the new plant near the shuangxizhu (Sungai electromechanical power should be at least 46choh) automobile production plant in Selangor, Malaysia, but the management of the company has not made a decision on this matter

Perodua said that the company built a factory in Malaysia to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The company said that the eat system produced by the new plant is initially planned to be assembled on proton cars produced in Malaysia if it is not necessary to use domestically, but the company will also consider exporting it to overseas markets in the future

proton company said that despite the production interruption caused by the March 11 earthquake in Japan, its car sales target this year is still 19.3, and it has formulated a correct and reasonable solution to the problem of 50000 vehicles. Datukaminarrashidsalleh, managing director of the company, said, "we are optimistic about achieving the target of 195000 units in 2011, because we believe that the time for production activities to return to normal will be faster than expected. In the next few months, we will speed up production and try to make up for losses."

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