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Perkins will show up at BMW 2019 with a number of new technology solutions.

Perkins will show up at BMW 2019 with a number of new technology solutions.

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BMW Munich is scheduled to be held from April 8 to 14, 2019. At that time, Perkins will show up with its full range of Euro V engines, as well as a number of future technologies, after-sales market products and digital solutions. The central theme of the booth will reflect Perkins' consistent corporate goals: diversified choices, all-round cooperation with customers, and providing appropriate solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); Viewers will be able to get a close look at Perkins' most complete engine lineup and learn how this British manufacturer provides the widest range of choices for OEMs to meet their current and future needs

Perkins' industrial engine lineup includes many models with displacement from 0.5 to 18L [power from 4 to 597 kW (5 to 800 HP)], and the wide range of products exceeds that of other manufacturers in the engine industry. Five of the latest engines that can meet the EU phase V emission standards will appear in this exhibition. Also appearing on the same stage are the three products with hybrid technology launched worldwide, which are bound to add style to Perkins' booth (exhibition accessories and ordinary things should be marked with a responsive logo and specification tag number a). These new engines will be a new force in Perkins' non road diesel engine lineup

"Perkins has always provided world-class engines and configuration solutions leading the industry, so that our OEM customers can be sure that we will be able to provide them with power systems that meet the needs of the market and applications," said Steve Ferguson, President of Perkins

"whether it's our latest generation of Euro V engines that can meet the most stringent emission standards, or the upcoming hybrid products, our engineering and technical team will work side by side with the OEM customers to develop customized solutions that fully meet their unique needs."

hybrid engine

in recent years, Perkins has invested a lot of resources to carry out a number of R & D projects of hybrid engines. This time, taking the opportunity of the 2019 BMW Munich exhibition, Perkins will reveal to the world a number of technologies aimed at adding real value to OEM customers, in order to help them design the next generation of non road equipment

pert Coleman, product director of Perkins, said: "For construction/construction machinery, it is not enough to simply transfer the hybrid or electric technology of trucks, automobiles, ships and other industries directly. Due to the specific working cycle, operating conditions and assembly limitations of non road machinery, the supporting power system must adopt specific configuration and be deeply customized for the needs of individual applications.

"Through close technical cooperation with OEM customers and the use of a large number of actual site data, we have successfully developed solutions that truly meet the needs of the construction machinery industry. The advantage of OEM customers' cooperation with Perkins is that they can speed up their product development plans, thereby saving a lot of time and money."

Perkins' plug-in hybrid, mechanical hybrid and hydraulic hybrid technologies released at the BMW show in Germany will greatly strengthen its existing 0.5 to 18L displacement diesel engine lineup, ensuring that it can provide equipment manufacturers and their customers with machinery with higher efficiency, quieter and lower fuel consumption, no matter what kind of power solution they choose

Euro V engine

Perkins will show a number of engines that can meet the EU phase V emission standards, including non road mobile machinery and power generation diesel engines suitable for all major power segments. These engines are scheduled to be launched on the market in batches from this year

all members of Perkins' Euro V product lineup, from the mechanical 400 series engine with a power of 18.9 kW (25 HP) and a displacement of 1.7L to the new Perkins syncro 3.6L engine with a power of 100 kW (134 HP), are all compact power systems with excellent power and torque. In order to highlight the wide coverage of this product lineup, we also brought a 1200 series four cylinder engine specially designed for the power generation market. The power of this model is up to 120 KVA, which can meet the emission requirements of Euro V mobile generator. In addition, there are two models representing the high-power end of the product lineup: a 1700 series six cylinder engine with a displacement of 9.3l and a power of 340 kW (456 HP); And the 2400 series engine, which debuted at BMW Munich for the first time, has a displacement of 12.5l, and has strong power and torque, reaching 430 kW (577 HP) and 2634 nm (1943 LB ft) respectively

the Euro V engine developed by Perkins adopts a number of advanced technologies, including common rail fuel injection system, selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF). In order to highlight the extremely compact size and high flexibility of Perkins products, the efficient post-processing system equipped with the 1200 series will be displayed at the same venue. In order to ensure that the working cycle and working load of the engine will not be affected under any circumstances, and the production efficiency of end users can be maintained at every moment, Perkins Euro V engine will continue to adopt a regeneration process that is automatically executed without the intervention of machines or operators. For more information, please visit:

the preferred supplier of parts and after-sales service

Perkins will set up another booth (Booth No.: a) at BMW Munich for the first time to showcase its parts and aftermarket products. During the exhibition, equipment owners and operators are welcome to visit the parts information desk in person; You can also have face-to-face communication with Perkins' technical team. At that time, Perkins' agent network will also send representatives to the site, including Perkins' German authorized agent Bu power systems, who will be happy to discuss with users face-to-face

digital solutions

perkins will continue to promote Perkins my engine app at BMW 2019 Munich. This is a free application with multiple language versions, which allows customers to easily and easily obtain value-added data about the engine, such as tips for routine maintenance items and parts instructions

Perkins 2406J-E13TA ™ Engine


syncro 3.6L engine

Perkins syncro 3.6L engine

about Perkins Engine Co., Ltd.

Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1932. It is one of the world's leading engine manufacturers and the leader in the 4-2000 kW off highway diesel engine market. Perkins is good at customizing engines for customers to fully meet their specific needs, so it is trusted by equipment manufacturers. With this advantage, the common models of ring stiffness testing machine. Without considering the factors such as experimental space, experimental speed and experimental force value, the common models mainly include digital display and microcomputer controlled models. The company currently supplies engines to more than 1000 major equipment manufacturers around the world. These engines are used in more than 5000 different occasions, covering five major markets: agricultural machinery, construction/engineering machinery, power generation equipment Industrial equipment and material handling equipment

perkins' product support teams stationed around the world ensure that every Perkins engine sold, no matter where it is located in the world, can operate normally at all times. It is a global network of more than 100 pERKI transmission systems: the transmission part of electronic universal testing machine, mainly composed of two ns agents, covering more than 180 countries and regions, and providing product support through 3500 service points. All points adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that customers in every corner of the world can get the best quality service

Perkins in China in the early 1970s, Perkins began to provide services to Chinese customers. With the continuous growth of market share in China, the company set up an office in Shanghai in 2006 to manage the Chinese market as a whole. Perkins' engine Industrial Park in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, has been dedicated to manufacturing 400 Series Compact engines and 1100 series medium-sized engines since it was put into operation in November 2008. Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park also has a research and development center to focus on developing products suitable for Chinese and even Asian markets. Together with the Shanghai sales team, the Wuxi team is committed to helping Chinese complete machine manufacturers conquer the local and export markets, so as to make Perkins achieve its ultimate goal: to become the preferred engine supplier for Chinese equipment manufacturers

Perkins currently appoints two agents in China: Foshan Senda meiweijia Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and lixingxing Machinery Co., Ltd., which form a perfect network covering the whole of China and provide the best quality. This material has been widely used in the sales of auto parts and product support services

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