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PerkinElmer cooperates with waters on chromatographic solutions

on February 17, 2015, October in the United States can be described as a major event. Waltham, Massachusetts - PerkinElmer, a global leader focused on improving human and environmental health and safety, today announced to cooperate with waters on chromatographic product solutions in order to provide PerkinElmer users with market-leading software and high-quality instruments

perkinelmer's liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) products will be standardized through waters' empower software. As an industry-leading chromatographic data processing software system (CDS), empower software can integrate chromatographic data from different manufacturers and simplify the data collection, processing and reporting process. This standardization will help PerkinElmer users unify all kinds of chromatographic data on the same platform, so as to simplify the workflow and improve the reliability of analysis results

"with the formulation of increasingly challenging industry regulations, chromatographic detection is crucial for users who are eager to obtain meaningful insight, thereby significantly affecting environmental health and safety." Jon divincenzo, President of PerkinElmer's environmental health division, said, "our alliance with waters integrates cutting-edge chromatography technology and sophisticated analysis software with industry-leading application knowledge and the best service at the same time."

PerkinElmer expects to continuously launch new products through this cooperation with waters to meet the needs of various users such as the method field for calculating the impact strength of thin film pendulum impact testing machine in the environment, industry and application city

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PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on human and environmental health and safety. In 2013, the company earned about $2.2 billion and has more than 7700 employees in 150 countries. Meanwhile, Perkin Elmer is also an S & P 500 index company. For more information, please visit:

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