Remove the rusty fasteners skillfully

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Skillfully remove rusty fasteners

fasteners are used in various equipment and facilities. For the use of fasteners, our common problem is that they are rusty and difficult to unload. The whole team of screwing mold is composed of more than 210 domestic and foreign composite professionals. The modular electrical hardware is convenient for function expansion and maintenance; It doesn't move. This is actually very normal, maybe because the fastener has been used for too long, or the material quality of the fastener is not very good. What should be done when the rusty fastener cannot be removed? Zhonghua standard parts provides you with five skills to facilitate the unloading of rusty fasteners

1. Shock: do not use a wrench to tighten rusty screws. Six face corners are used to prevent sliding screws from screwing or damaging the wrench. At this time, it can be handled with a wrench with a hammer gently shaking. Generally, the rusted screws are vibrating

2. Knock: with your hammer, the corroded stainless steel nut can easily loosen the nut. For example, according to the thickness and metal structure of the pedal, the size of the nut can be used to fix both ends of the bolt and nut on the pedal of the bicycle. The nuts between cast iron can be forcibly slightly larger, using plastic. If you still can't do it, hit the nut in the direction of the hammer, and the nut can be easily removed

3. Burning: some screw embroidery corrosion is very serious, and it still doesn't work with the above method, but it can't be said that there is no way to use "fire". Use gas welding oxidation flame screws and nuts to completely barbecue, and then burn red screw silk small oil drops. The purpose of heating the screw is to make the screw expand thermally. The purpose of dropping the meeting is to make the perpendicularity measurement of the central line of the screw quickly adopt the automatic leveling laser plumber to cold shrink, increase the gap between the screws and loosen the nut after the stainless steel nut and oil flow. But if you have any plastic components nearby, be careful this way

4. Punching: for the protection of corroded stainless steel screws on the top of some equipment, a wrench or knife cannot be used. The method of emission impact is available. First use a hammer and a screwdriver to tighten the top of the flat straight V-groove direction. Then, adjust the cone angle and the direction of rotation along the spiral. After that, you can use wire pliers to screw screws. "One" or "ten" screw sliding, this method may be adopted, steel screw clamping screw

5. Welding: remove the device and screw it. The top of the broken screw usually does not use an electric drill, because it will be a bad wire hole with a little carelessness. A better way is to weld long iron with broken wires. The iron cross section is determined by the diameter of stainless steel fasteners

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