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Ren Qinxin, chairman of CITIC Heavy Industry: thinking about transformation

Ren Qinxin, chairman of CITIC Heavy Industry: thinking about transformation

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today's Chinese society is in the process of development and reform, and medium speed economic growth has become the "new normal", which comes from the impact of the wave of emerging industries, emerging technologies and emerging formats. No enterprise can stay out, or adhere to, or transform Or go with the tide, different enterprises will eventually have different outcomes

in Ren Qinxin's view, transformation is not the only way out, but it can win more development opportunities for enterprises

through 2014, CITIC Heavy Industry, which took the implementation of the three strategies as the breakthrough point for transformation, achieved the goals of more than 70% of new products, 60% of complete sets of orders, and 50% of profits from emerging businesses, opening up a rising channel and full imagination space for its future sustainable development

although CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was born in a traditional industry, it has entered the high-tech field and gradually become a R & D service-oriented enterprise of high-end equipment

recently, we had the honor to talk to Mr. renqinxin, chairman of CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., and shared CITIC Heavy Industry's Thoughts on transformation

in the turbulent era of new technological revolution, continuous innovation and change are the important reasons for CITIC Heavy Industry to maintain a good development trend

"It is a strategic consideration to break the inherent concepts and habits, get rid of the familiar business fields and operation modes, and strive for a future full of variables.

difficult choices

Ren Qinxin opens the door to the problem: there is no retreat for enterprise transformation, which is imperative.

the annual growth rate of about 7% will become a normal state of China's economy. Under this new normal state, there is a phenomenon we must face up to: almost all Industries are facing the problem of overcapacity

Ren Qinxin analyzed that overcapacity can be divided into several situations. One is general overcapacity, which is relatively simple to solve. It can be effective by eliminating backward capacity; The other is relative excess, which leads to overcapacity due to economic growth, structural changes and changes in the relationship between market supply and demand in the short term. With the economic development, Ajinomoto and Bridgestone have jointly developed the use of bio isoprene to produce synthetic rubber. This overcapacity will be released and alleviated; The third is serious overcapacity, which is the grim reality we face today. Almost all traditional industries are spared, including some strategic emerging industries. This large-scale serious overcapacity phenomenon can not be solved by simply eliminating a batch of backward production capacity with high energy consumption and high pollution

this is why we have made great efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, but still have not fundamentally solved today's China's energy, environmental and resource support problems. This overcapacity will keep commodity prices low for a long time, increase the average social cost and reduce the average profit margin. Social capital will escape from the real economy, aggravate the operational difficulties of enterprises, and then erode the macroeconomic body. While the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in Britain

Ren Qinxin said that today's enterprises must have sufficient ideological preparation to deal with such a situation for a long time. He believes that the government can promote the transformation of mode and structure through macro-control means, but more importantly, it still depends on the invisible hand of the market to adjust the relationship between supply and demand. These adjusted industrial capacity may not be all backward capacity, and a considerable part of the capacity is excess advanced or relatively advanced capacity

Ren Qinxin, for example, has a precedent to follow in other parts of the world. For example, at the beginning of this century, with the advent of the electric Razi era of the new economy such as our company, Bethlehem, the second largest steel giant in the United States, also collapsed -- the steel giant who once made great contributions to American heavy industry quietly fell, and its rise and fall is a good mirror

in such an environment, every enterprise must be vigilant. It is not only the backward production capacity that needs to be eliminated, but also the advanced technology and production capacity. In this context, we also face the problems of how to adapt to the new economic normal, how to comply with the technological trend, and how to improve market competitiveness

"transformation is not a big pie in production capacity, nor a simple new product development. Transformation has huge risks, and the impact from technological progress is very important.

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