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Ren Hongbin of state machinery group: achieve qualitative growth and create new advantages

Ren Hongbin of state machinery group: achieve qualitative growth and create new advantages

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Guide: after 16 years of development, state machinery group has entered a new stage of strengthening and optimizing. Deepening the reform of the group is not only to respond to the call of the Central Committee as the leader of China's green buildings, but also the objective needs and practical requirements of the group's own development. At the 2014 working meeting held by the State Machinery Group on January 14, the chairman of the state machinery group "After 16 years of development, Sinomach has entered a new stage of becoming stronger and better. Deepening the reform of the group is not only to respond to the call of the Central Committee, but also the objective needs and practical requirements of the group's own development."

at the 2014 working meeting held by the State Machinery Group on January 14, Ren Hongbin, chairman of the state machinery group, said when deploying the key work in 2014 that enterprises should take improving quality and efficiency as the starting point and foothold, strive to promote the fundamental transformation of development mode, develop to the high end of the value chain and industrial chain, and take a quality and sustainable development path in which scale and speed are coordinated with quality and efficiency

in 2013, Sinomach group achieved an operating revenue of 232billion yuan in all 3D printing processes, with a year-on-year increase of 8.3%, a year-on-year decrease of 6.1% in total profit, and an economic value-added of 3.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 21.1%. In 2014, the enterprise put forward a new goal of "each task index is not lower than the actual completion of last year"

"the reason for determining such a goal is mainly based on two considerations." Ren Hongbin said that the first is to leave room for the group to further adjust its structure and mode, and the second is to further improve lean management, consolidate the foundation, cultivate potential, and create conditions for future development. To achieve the goal, we should not only seek progress in stability, but also reform and innovation, and constantly create new advantages for the development of the group

create plate advantages and speed up transformation and upgrading

"transformation and upgrading is an inevitable requirement for the long-term development of enterprises. After more than 10 years of rapid development, the group has now reached a new stage of further adjustment and improvement."

Ren Hongbin said that in terms of optimizing the product and business structure, we should further highlight the group's advantages, accelerate the upgrading of products and businesses, and improve the development strategy of the business sector

in terms of engineering contracting business, we should optimize the layout, improve the overall design and system integration capabilities, enhance the regional comprehensive development capabilities, and explore the organic combination of investment business and engineering contracting business

in terms of equipment manufacturing business, we should strengthen the ability of design and development, channel operation and brand building, improve product quality, create high value-added products with core advantages, and move towards the direction of intelligence, digitalization, networking and service. We should transform and upgrade traditional industries, increase investment in technological transformation, and effectively focus on key areas such as agricultural and forestry machinery, heavy machinery, engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment, innovate R & D and design, transform technological processes, improve product quality, create well-known brands, and vigorously increase the proportion of advanced production capacity in traditional industries; Keep a close eye on cutting-edge technologies, choose the right direction for breakthroughs, strengthen joint research, and strive to break through the core and key technologies that restrict the development of relevant emerging industries; Vigorously promote the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, accelerate the development of product creativity, consulting, planning, design at the front end of manufacturing, as well as the product manufacturing process and various value-added services to users, and improve the ability of value creation

in terms of trade and service business, we should strengthen the construction of marketing capacity, form systematic service advantages, increase the import of advanced technology, key equipment and parts, and promote the export of complete sets of equipment, high value-added products and products with high relevance to the group's manufacturing

at the same time, we should develop strategic emerging industries. Actively cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, strive to make a difference in the process of rural urbanization and agricultural modernization, and study and explore overall solutions for clean cities, clean villages and clean production. We should make breakthroughs in the fields of seawater desalination, harmless and resourceful industrial wastewater, explore and promote the research and application of high-end complete sets of equipment in the fields of industrial robots, 3D printing technology, IOT and so on, and effectively cultivate new economic growth points of the group

deepen business collaboration and strengthen innovation drive

"to create group advantages, we should further promote the horizontal linkage between group enterprises and the vertical integration of business chains. All enterprises should be more proactive in business collaboration, deeply tap collaboration needs and cooperation opportunities, and strive to achieve win-win development."

Ren Hongbin said that the group headquarters should further strengthen the organization and coordination, establish an effective business collaboration mechanism, promote the integration and sharing of the group's product resources, scientific and technological resources and project resources on a unified platform, increase the support and promotion of enterprise business collaboration, enhance the mutual support ability between R & D and manufacturing, engineering contracting, trade and service businesses, and give full play to the overall advantages of the group

at the same time, we should vigorously implement the innovation driven strategy, rely on technological innovation to form our own core competitiveness, rely on core competitiveness to shape well-known brands, and rely on well-known brands to enhance competitive advantage

Ren Hongbin stressed the need to increase investment in science and technology. Establish a joint investment mechanism guided by group funds and jointly invested by affiliated enterprises to tackle key core technologies and common technologies and realize industrialization; Make good use of the policy that science and technology investment is regarded as assessing profits, and increase R & D investment; Actively explore new ways of technological innovation; Study and formulate management measures, focus on supporting good projects and large projects, and concentrate on major events· Power supply - 220V let the manufacturer provide installation help 50Hz

in terms of management innovation, we should improve the group's management and control, pay special attention to comprehensive risk management, and further strengthen the construction of internal control system. Strive to shorten the group's management chain to less than four levels by the end of 2015. Implement the company quantity control, reduce the management range through restructuring and integration, and strictly control the newly established companies. At the same time, we should strengthen business model innovation. Promote the integration of equipment manufacturing industry and modern service industry, promote the integration of traditional industries and information technology, and create more efficient new formats and models

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