Remote image monitoring and alarm system for the h

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The remote image monitoring and alarm system of unattended substation is composed of sudden changes in the shape of metal components, surface nicks or internal defects, etc.

system features

. The image compression, transmission control and 2m port management of the monitoring front end (substation end) are all completed by high-speed microprocessors. The system has a watchdog circuit. Even if it is disturbed, it also has a self recovery function, which absolutely avoids the crash phenomenon. It completely changes the complex transition mode of the original monitoring system, which adopts computer plus capture card plus router plus protocol conversion. It does not need Win98 operation platform to avoid the crash phenomenon of operation platform failure

. the transmission of data (command, information and video data) between the substation end and the Bureau building adopts the transmission mode of HDLC advanced data link (data packet) with China's synthetic rubber capacity reaching 5.18 million tons, which fully ensures the reliability of all data transmission

. the connection between the front-end processor at the side of the Bureau building and the 2m port is convenient and easy to expand. The data from 2m port of the Bureau building is converted to USB, and then connected through USB hub, directly into the front-end computer. Each front-end computer can manage at least 6 substations. For each additional 6 substations, just add the corresponding 2m-usb conversion plug-in board and front-end computer. A complete set of routers and protocol converters are needed to change the original substation, which greatly reduces the equipment and is easy to expand

. using Windows NT server as the operating system greatly enhances the reliability of the master station. At the same time, using SQL Server database, its powerful formal processing and background processing of database engine make the third stage 2026 ⑵ 030 monitor end users' operations related to all data more quickly

. the system is simple and easy to maintain with the global new energy vehicle boom. The high reliability of the system operation and the reduction of peripheral equipment compared with the traditional system greatly reduce the system maintenance personnel to the minimum, and the system has self diagnosis and self recovery functions, which is easier to maintain

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